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Hurricane Season

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1Hurricane Season Empty Hurricane Season on Sat Jul 10, 2010 6:05 am


Hurricane Season is upon us, and it is forecast to be one of the most active ever! Here are some tips to keeping YOUR pets safe

-have up to a weeks worth of food ready
-have cat carriers for your cats (ne carrier per cat)

When a watch is issued (48 Hours)
-stock up on cat food
-prepare to avacuate
-don't let the kitties outside

WHen a warning is issued(36 Hours)
-get your cats in the carriers
-load the food in your car

If you deside to stay(even if you don't)
-board up the windows with plywoad
-fill up the bath tub with water
-prepare to lose power
-when the storm strikes, hide in an hallway(or room) with no windows
-keep mattresses handy
-Keep the cats with you at all times!

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